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If you are self-employed or operate a small to medium-sized business with one or many people "in the field", there is a good chance that you are losing revenue and missing expenses simply because they have not been recorded.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if proBILL can help you:

  • Have you ever billed the wrong amount of time spent on a job simply because you did not remember how long it took?
  • Have you remembered time or material charges that should have been included on an invoice long after the project has been completed and invoiced?
  • Did you ever find a gasoline or hotel receipt in your vehicle long after you have been reimbursed by your company or client for the other associated expenses?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then you would definitely benefit from proBILL. It will help you eliminate these and many other similar problems. Your revenues will increase. Your expenses will be accurate. Your clients will be confident that they are being billed correctly.


proBILL is a web-hosted system that allows real-time or "on the fly" recording of revenue-generating charges for time and materials. These charges can be allocated to separate jobs for each customer. It also records expenses incurred as well as the method of payment. proBILL is designed to generate professional invoices and time sheets in addition to providing detailed reports. Information is input from your Blackberry, iPhone or any other Smartphone or electronic device with web access. Of course, you may also access your data from any other computer, whether it is a desktop in the hotel's business centre or your laptop at a coffee shop. All you need is internet access. We also provide a number of reports to allow straightforward updating of your existing accounting system.


We encourage you to browse through the other pages on this site. To sign up for our service or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

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